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ShaperPro™ Neck & Chin Slimmer

ShaperPro™ Neck & Chin Slimmer

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Define Your Jawline & Remove Double Chin!

ShaperPro™ Neck & Chin Slimmer helps you get a sharp and chiseled jaw. Use it anywhere to work out your jaw or get rid of that double chin!

It tightens and tones your neck, cheek, and chin. Look years younger with just 2 minutes a day!

This revolutionary anti-aging system uses progressive resistance to gently firm underlying neck muscles while simultaneously tightening your skin for a dramatic lift. 

Neck & Chin Slimmer redefines your profile, reduces facial sagging, and takes years off your appearance! The secret is in its three resistance power coils that gently firm the underlying muscles of the neck and tighten skin at the same time for a dramatic lift.

Neck & Chin Slimmer is considered one of the best and first resistance toning systems for the neck and face. This will not only massage and slim your neck, but can also remove the double chin, improve your appearance, and relax your body.

Using only for 2 minutes a day can dramatically transform your appearance. It will work on stimulating and tightening your neck’s muscles. In addition to slimming effects, the Neck & Chin Slimmer will also allow you to enjoy an invigorating massage!

3 Different Strength Springs:
Neck & Chin Slimmer features 3 resistance levels: Low, medium, & high that you can use according to your needs to gently tighten the saggy skin and strengthen your muscles to achieve a quick, dramatic, and remarkable lift.

How to Use ShaperPro™ Neck & Chin Slimmer
1. Put in one of the tension springs.
2. Twist the product to lock the position.
3. Position the product under your neck.
4. Move your neck in an upward and downward movement.

Enjoy age-defying results by using just two minutes a day. Results will be seen after nearly 15 days of regular usage.

Material: ABS, TPR
Color: White
Size: 140*60*52MM

Package including:
1 x ShaperPro™ Neck & Chin Slimmer
1 x Carry bag
3 x Tension Springs
1 x Instruction manual

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