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Genève™ Invisible Eyelift Strips

Genève™ Invisible Eyelift Strips

💙 Instant eye-lift without surgery

👁️ Recontour droopy eyes & improve vision

💄 Use with eyeshadow or make up

🌱 Apply in under 3 minutes


The true reason I look 10 years younger than I actually am.

Give your eyes more youthful, rejuvenated look in one easy application! Genève™ strips can lift droopy hooded eyelids, correct uneven eyes, and even fix impaired vision due to sagging skin.


Helps with impaired vision.

Not only do the strips make you look younger, and more confident, they also have a practical use. If the droopy eyelid starts to impair your eyesight, Genève™ will help by pulling the skin up and restoring your peripheral vision!


Invisible on the skin.

Worried someone might see the strip? Genève™ blends in perfectly with the skin of any type and can also be applied over most makeup or eyeshadows so you can wear it in public with confidence!

Wear comfortably all day.

The adhesive is strong enough to last the whole day but not too strong to put unnecessary strain on your eyelids or cause any discomfort. In fact, 87% of customers reported they could not feel the strips at all after the first couple minutes.


Save $$ on surgery and fillers

Blepharoplasty or fillers are expensive, invasive solutions that may carry risks such as skin irritation, bruising and scarring. With Genève™ strips you get the same aesthetic result at a fraction of the price and no stress!


Developed and endorsed by medical professionals


Don't fall for cheap knock-offs


Q: "How does it lift my eyelid?"

Using the strip of this unique shape "repositions" the crease on your eyelid, making your eyes more open and less hooded while maintaining a natural look.


Q: "Can I wear eyeshadow/makeup with it?"

Sure! The lighter natural shadows can be used directly on the strip, however, for darker shadows you may need to apply a primer on the strip before putting the eyeshadow on. This ensures it blends in correctly and looks the same on both the strip and skin.

Q: "Can you wear them more than 24 hours?"

You can wear them longer than 24 hours if you wish so, as long as the strips hold. In fact some of the clients sleep in them and wear the same strips next day as well.


Q: "How to apply the strips?"


Q: "How many strips are in the box?"

Each order includes:

  • 1x Genève™ Eyelift Pack
  • 120x strips (4mm)
  • 120x strips (6mm)
  • 1x Instruction Manual
  • 1x Application Set
  • Free eBook: Top 10 Remedies To Lift Droopy Eyelids


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