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Genève™ Skin Tightener 2.0

Genève™ Skin Tightener 2.0

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Try the incredible effects of LED therapy! The Genève™ Skin Tightener 2.0 is your secret weapon in the endless battle against wrinkles, blemishes, and saggy skin. Clean, massage, brighten, lift and smooth your face and neck area a few times a week and have skin that will be the envy of everyone!

Ditch the expensive consultations and other supposed miracle cures and get real LED therapy at home! Genève™ 2.0 offers a complete therapy for face treatment, using the principle of mutual attraction between positive and negative ions. It cleanses the skin thoroughly and lets the cosmetic ingredients penetrate lower layers of the skin!

Skin Rejuvenation Therapy:
Get professional skin rejuvenation therapy at home with this breakthrough LED technology! It cleanses, brightens, firms, massages, smoothens, and repairs the skin on your face and neck.

Enhance Collagen Production:
The massaging qualities of the device stimulate natural blood flow around the face and neck area, which in turn help with your body’s natural collagen production.

Highly Intuitive Device:
The light indicators help users know what setting they are on. The Red light is used to repair damaged skin. Blue light is used to lighten acne, calm skin, and has anti-inflammatory action. The Orange light is used to brighten skin and reduce pigmentation. 

Enhances your beauty
After getting a deeper and more effective exfoliating treatment with this device, you’ll notice your expensive facial products will work better for you too!

Keep up your exclusive skincare routine even when you are on the road as this device is easy to charge and easy to carry with you.

Rechargeable Battery
The wireless device takes around 3 hours to charge fully. Comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. With 750mAh capacity allowing you to use it longer.

Rated power: 4W
Battery capacity: 750mAh
Charging voltage: 5V / 1A
Charging time: about 3 hours

What Does The Package Include?
1 x Genève™ Skin Tightener 2.0
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x Base
1 x User Manual

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