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Genève™ Rotating Makeup Organizer

Genève™ Rotating Makeup Organizer

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A Convenient All In One Storage Solution For All Your Cosmetic Needs!

Don’t you hate having your makeup scattered all over the place?

Streamline the way you store your makeup with the amazing Genève™ Rotating Makeup Organizer. It’s a spacious makeup organizer that will conveniently store all your makeup in one place!

Fully modular multiple-layer design that lets you organize your makeup just the way you like it! It’s your convenient all-in-one makeup solution for all your cosmetic needs! Get rid of all the clutter and keep your makeup within reach with the amazing Genève™ Rotating Makeup Organizer!

Durable And Lightweight!

Made from premium quality PS plastic that keeps it durable and lightweight so you can easily move your whole kit without breaking a sweat! It features an innovative 360° rotating design to give you full access to all your makeup!

It's built with a large storage capacity making it the perfect organizer to store all your makeup! Get the extra convenience that you deserve and organize your makeup with the remarkable Genève™ Rotating Makeup Organizer

Easy to assemble

Easy to assemble and disassemble accordingly. DIY the makeup organizer and adjust the height in order the way you like it. Convenient to clean with removable design and washable material.

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