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Easy Peel Nail Polish

Easy Peel Nail Polish

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Gorgeous easy-peel nails for any occasion!

Available in 20 gorgeous, shiny, quick-dry colors that are easy-on & off, these are the perfect option for you to switch polish as often as you like to match your outfit, mood or occasion!

Long-lasting formula guaranteed a waterproof, chip-free finish that lasts up to 2 weeks! Without the need for a harsh remover that makes your nail dry and brittle, this water-based polish can be peeled away effortlessly in seconds!

  • Without harsh odor
  • Dries clear
  • Gloss finish
  • Quick-drying
  • Easy peel-off
  • Cruelty-free imported
  • Non-toxic 


  • Easy-On, Easy-Off!
    Applies just like regular polish but allows you to gently peel off that polish without using harmful remover at the same time.

  • Long-Lasting, Chip-Free
    Give your nails a stunning makeover with up to 2 weeks of wear!

  • Vibrant, Shiny Colors
    These are highly pigmented and shiny just like regular polish or gel - Play with these to match your OOTD!

  • Easily Switch Polish
    Want a pop of color? Just peel the polish away and paint a new one in seconds!

  • Make Any Polish Peelable
    By using our base coat, you can turn all your polishes both regular and gel into easy-peel polishes.

  • Non-Toxic, Water-Based Formula
    Protect nail bed from chemicals that make your nails dry and brittle.


Volume: 8ml
Includes: 1 x Easy Peel Nail Polish



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