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2x Genève™ Hair Straightener

2x Genève™ Hair Straightener

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Genève™ Hair Straightener is the ultimate hair-straightening tool that gives you straight, shiny, and silky hair!

Get the salon hair care effect in your own home. The smart temperature heating ensures that each hair is evenly heated, thereby reducing hair breakage and frizz.

Constant Temperature Heating
After turning on the straightening comb, the temperature remains within your comfortable range. Effectively reduces the thermal damage to the hair, helping you to create soft and straight hair.

Anti-scalding Comb
The ionic coating is used on the heating surface of the comb to keep the hair shiny and healthy and prevent burns due to excessive temperature.

Larger Heating Area
Comb and quickly heat more hair at once, greatly saving styling time. It is very suitable for rush hours in the morning and quick makeup before going out. Say goodbye to your tiring routine! Say hello to easier hairstyles!

5 Heating Settings
Temperature control options suitable for all hair types. The power cord that can be rotated 360° prevents the wire from getting tangled, giving you a smooth experience every time.

Temperature regulation guide:

Level 1 temperature: (130°C) suitable for soft and delicate hair
Level 2 temperature: (155°C) for regular fine hair
Level 3 temperature: (170°C) for blond, dyed, or colored hair
Level 4 temperature: (190°C) for slightly curly hair, average thickness
Level 5 temperature: (210°C) suitable for very thick, curly, and hard hair


  • Material: PTC
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Power: 45W
  • Weight: 378g/0.83lb

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