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Genève™ Ionic Hair Brush

Genève™ Ionic Hair Brush

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Tame every frizz to perfection.

It's time for luscious and shiny hair with Genève™ Ionic Hair Brush. It is a compact hairbrush that keeps ionic balance in your hair and makes them manageable at all times.

Unlike an ordinary brush, Genève™ Ionic Hair Brush uses powerful ionic technology that smoothens and increases your hair’s natural shine in seconds.

Perfect for on-the-go styling and regular hair care routine.

What are its functions?

• Smoothens frizzy hair & makes it silkier
• Massages the scalp to stimulate circulation
• Closes the hair cuticle and locks in moisture

How does Ionic Care Brush work?

Your hair is composed of both positive and negative ions. These ions should be balanced for the hair to stay healthy; otherwise, the hair becomes frizzy.

Daily routines such as shampooing, sleeping, or brushing strip off negative ions from the hair.

This causes too many positive ions, which results in frizzy and static hair.

Thanks to the arrival of Genève™ Ionic Hair Brush, using it will reverse these effects.

It emits negative ions into your hair, giving them back the shine and softness they deserve.

No frizz & no split ends!

Get the best benefits a hairbrush has to offer

Genève™ Ionic Hair Brush has round-end tips that glide smoothly onto your scalp.

Every glide of them massages your scalp to stimulate circulation and relax your head.

With improved circulation on your scalp, your hair becomes healthier.

Use it regularly to minimize hair loss and maintain healthy-looking hair.

Experience a brushing routine that’s bliss

Your hair texture and length don’t matter, Genève™ Ionic Hair Brush is friendly for all hair types. Get rid of your frizz, smoothen split ends, and untangle your hair at your own comfort.

To install the battery

Press down on the top button, and pull brush bristles towards one's self. Load the battery into its place. Then install back the comb tooth component.

Brushing your hair

Simply turn the switch on and start brushing your hair from roots to hair tip. Use it on dry to slightly wet hair. The brush automatically turns off after a few minutes.


  • Size: 13 x 7 x 5 cm
  • Material: High-quality ABS + Stainless Steel
  • Powered by AAA battery (Not included)

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