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Genève™ Backless Body Shaper

Genève™ Backless Body Shaper

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The New & Improved Backless Body Bra has the internet turning heads!

Show your back with confidence. Don't worry about loose silicone pads or boob tape that will come off when you sweat. Backless body shaper will give you the support you need, all day and all night long. Wear anything with confidence!

Multiple styling options: The straps can be adjusted to be worn with halter style dresses, low-plunge front, and criss-cross styles

Deep V & Backless Design: Low plunging shapewear build the sexiest look under clothes, Clear strips express your perfect shoulder and perfect back.

New removable invisible straps: Enhanced & Durable. Completely seamless and unnoticeable

Padded Bra: The bra pad has a good supporting effect and provides a lifting space for your breasts, allowing you to show your perfect figure when wearing a backless dress.

Adjustable straps: The adjustment strap and steel ring design between the two cups can better support the breasts, close the breasts, prevent the breasts from sagging, and give sufficient support when the breasts are spread out.

Designed to move with your body: Silky Velvet feel! Sit, dance, and stretch with ease

Sticky adhesives: To keep the garment attached to your body without it slipping off.

Quality, comfortable and stretchy fabric: There is a slight compression force that fits your body perfectly and provides you with a slimming effect. Made of 84% Nylon and 16% Spandex



Material: Polyester + Spandex
Color: Black, Nude
Size: S/M/L/XL
Package Includes: 1 pc Genève™ Backless Body Shaper

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